Fabio Bonardi - Luthier

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Fabio Bonardi was born in Brescia in 1981.

In 2003 he started his learning process at the
Civica Scuola di Liuteria (municipal school of lutherie) in Milan.

During the school he built a copy of aTorres classical guitar, a renaissance Frei lute and a Martin 000 acoustic guitar.

In 2006/2007 he performed a stage at the Iror in which he studied, drawn and reconstructed a Embergher series 1 mandocello.

In 2007 he graduated as "master luthier" under the guidance of Tiziano Rizzi and Lorenzo Lippi.

Since 2006 collaborates with Tiziano Rizzi.

In 2008 he participated at the exhibition about Brescia (
Toda Italia en una ciudad) in Madrid, with the reconstruction of a mandolino bresciano in collaboration with the master luthier Tiziano Rizzi.

In 2009, with the same instrument, participated at the exhibition about Brescia (
Ganz Italien In Einer Stadt), in Munich.

In 2009 he graduated as "restorer of plucked instruments" under the guidance of Gabriele Negri and Tiziano Rizzi.

He builds traditional steel strings guitars inspired by old C.F.Martin models.

He is specialized in restoring philologically historical Italian mandolins, mandolas and mandocellos (like Embergher, Vinaccia, Calace) and nineteenth century Italian guitars (like Guadagnini, Fabricatore and Filano).

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