Fabio Bonardi - Luthier

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Luigi Embergher mandolin , 1904 Rome


Luigi Embergher Mandolin, 1904 Rome
(in cooperation with the master luthier Tiziano Rizzi)


Restablish as much as possible playability and original condition of the instrument.

Previous instrument condition

The instrument's structure is good; the sounboard needs reinforcement and structural realignment. The shell shows a previous vinyl glue repair.

Main restoring operations

- sounboard and fretboard removal
- structural realignment and consolidation of the table (braces, cracks, deformation)
- consolidation of the shell
- fretboard replacement
- nut and bridge reconstruction
- peghead consolidation


The cracks in the soundboard were consolidated with little pieces of spruce and paper, the deformation of the table practically canceled. Fingerboard and bridge were reconstructed according to the characteristics of the Embergher mandolins.

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